The castle

The Castle has brought life to old stone Greek houses located in the most beautiful point of Yukarı Kaleköy, a historic Greek village which can be considered the heart of Gökçeada.

The old buildings that make up our facility have been meticulously restored with greatest care and in accordance with the original traces to result in 10 beautifully designed concept rooms. These concept rooms provide you with the rightful rest you are looking for and the harmony you desire for an unforgettable holiday.

The hillside village in which our place is located introduces you to unforgettable views, while the ancient ruins of the Genoese Castle offer you the right scene for the perfect sunset over the Aegean Sea.

Being our guests, you can start the day with serpme kahvaltı, a traditional Turkish breakfast, served on your balcony. While sipping your morning coffee, enjoy the insatiable views and relax under the shade of the fruit trees before exploring the unique Gökçeada.

In the evening, let yourselves enter the magical sights of the sunset over the sea and the Samothrace island. Accessible through our backyard, the ruins of the historic Genoese Castle welcome you to experience what has become tradition in the island.

Enjoying this precious location, our facility gives you quick access to Turkey’s first underwater marine park. You can go for a fresh swim in crystalline waters at Yıldızkoy beach or enjoy immaculate nature on the several walking trails. After sunset, turn to the port of Kaleköy where you can find various restaurants and cafes with regional cuisine and live music. All of this within one kilometre from us.

The centre of Gökçeada and the airport are also just 4km away while the Kuzulimanı port with connection to the mainland is reachable in 9km.

Farther away at 16km yet providing breath-taking views on your way you can find the Aydıncık beach and the Salt Lake, certifying Gökçeada as a destination with plenty to offer.

In the meantime, here at The Castle, we aim at providing you with the best rest and a unique experience. With its unique views, friendly service, local stone architectural concept rooms and home-warm environment, our place is looking forward to welcoming you as our dear guests.


concept rooms

Our unique stone rooms welcome you to a peaceful and unforgettable holidays.


Because our guests deserve the connectivity of the city in the peace of the countryside!

breakfast with a view

Start your day with a traditional Turkish breakfast served in your terrace.

Daily room cleaning

Fresh scent of cleanliness every day for a perfect stay.

🌿 Sustainable Tourism: Respect for Nature, Investment in the Future 🌍

Dear guests! We, The Castle family, are a team that believes in the importance of sustainable tourism. Protecting nature, environmental awareness and respect for local culture are the keys to ensuring our guests have a peaceful holiday, as well as leaving a livable world for future generations. That’s why we act with sustainability values in our hearts. 🌱

How is Sustainability Achieved in Our Place?

🌿 Energy Efficiency: We use modern technologies to save energy and encourage natural light and ventilation.

💧 Water Saving: To protect water resources, we encourage the efficient use of water and ensure the recycling and purification of wastewater.

🌍 Environmentally Friendly Materials: When choosing the materials used in our facility, we take environmental awareness into consideration and support recycling.

🌱 Protection of Natural Life: We organize events to protect the natural life around us and support local nature and culture.

The Guest’s Role in Sustainability.

🌟 We need your support for a sustainable future! When visiting us, please be careful to save water and energy, use recycling bins and be respectful while exploring the local culture. Small steps make big differences.

Let’s Protect the Future Together!

🌿 Experience the concept of sustainable tourism in our place. Let’s act together for a greener, more livable world for future generations. Respecting nature means investing in the future. Join these values!

important notes…

Car park

Parking lot is not available due to the difficulties arising from our location in an old historical Greek village. Our guests can use the village common parking area, which is 200 meters away from our facility.


We regret to inform you that we cannot accommodate persons with disabilities due to our historical building facilities.


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The comfort of our home in our first time in Gökçeada. The location was very good and the rooms were very comfortable. The breakfast was very good and served in front of our room. The taste still remains in our palate. We want to go again at the first opportunity! [Free translation]

Mr. Burak
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I have experienced such a lovely and relaxing vacation in The Castle! The room was amazingly clean, they served great variety for breakfast and the location was ideal in the top of the village facing the mountain and the town below. I wish to go back again. [Free translation]

Mr. Orlando
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Fours years later, The Castle continues showing all of its quality. In this troubled times, we once again enjoyed the perfect breakfast while facing the unique landscape. All precautions against Covid-19 have been implemented, so you can stay here with peace of mind! [Free translation]

Mr. Erkan

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