Slow down in Gökçeada because here is Cittaslow, last sunset point of Turkey

Once a Greek island by the name of Imbros and now Turkey’s both largest island and westernmost point, Gökçeada has become an important tourism center in recent years with its nostalgic houses, narrow streets, historical structures, natural life and alternative sports facilities. Gökçeada is a unique option for a holiday that takes you to the centre of Greek and Turkish traditions and where you feel the harmony of multiculturalism to the fullest.

Characteristic and truly unique Greek villages bring you back in time to well preserved architecture and purest way of life; Markets, cafés and restaurants present you with locally produced organic products; and unspoiled nature offers you the most majestic display of its true shape. Gökçeada is the perfect destination for your body and soul, where you find your preferred activities and discover new ones.

Where to go

  • Greek villages: Yukarı Kaleköy ‘’Kastro’’, Yukarı Bademli ‘’Gliky’’, Zeytinliköy ‘’Aghios Theodoros’’, Tepeköy ‘’Agridia’’, and Dereköy ‘’Schoinoudi’’. The old cobblestone pathways, whose air is filled with scent of thyme, are perfect for a relaxing walk as the view towards historical churches, monasteries and fountains unfolds. Throughout the narrow streets, local shops take your attention to lovely souvenirs, and cafés invite you for a treat and a refreshment with local products and traditional recipes.

  • Beaches: Gökçeada is a true maritime museum with its uncontaminated waters and paradisiac beaches. Yıldızkoy is the first and only underwater park in Turkey, a protected area where you can go snorkelling; Aydıncık is a long, sandy beach where windsurf is very popular, whereas the salt lake right beside it is rich in sulfur and said to have therapeutic properties; Laz Koyu is a small bay located in the south coast and, unlike the north side of the island, is protected from the winds; and Gizli Liman, the western end of Turkey, is a heavenly place with its thin sandy beach.


Gökçeada is an ideal location for snorkelling. Gökçeada Underwater National Park, one of the most preferred places for professional diving, also has diving opportunities for amateurs. Gökçeada Diving Center offers special services such as diving training for those who want to see life at the bottom of the sea.

Boat tours departing from Kaleköy harbour are another great option to visit the beauties of the island. The tour explores Gökçeada Underwater National Park, Mavikoy, Kaşkaval Cap and Kefalos bay. Not only does it offer a different perspective, but it also reaches otherwise inaccessible regions of Gökçeada.

Windsurf and kitesurf are other excellent activities to try in Gökçeada, particularly at Aydıncıkbeach, where you can take private lessions at local clubs, available for different levels.


Gökçeada is a place full with tradition and culture, especially during the summer months. The main occasion is the Festival of the Virgin Mary, which takes place every year between August 14th and August 16th. It is widely celebrated by the Greek community in the island and also attracts many others from all over the World.

Useful information

Transportation to and from the island is done by sea, as the airport only receives private flights. Public transport is carried out on certain routes by minibuses departing from the centre. Bicycle, motorcycle and car rental companies are available. There is 1 gas station located in the centre.

In terms of services, Ziraat Bank, İş Bank and Halk bank branches are present in the island. There are 2 pharmacies and 1 public hospital.